What does Haux mean?


"It's like a smile from the heart" - Bastiaan Yansã

"Haux" is a word that’s been used for centuries in the Amazon by the Huni Kuin tribe, to empower a sacred or beautiful happening. We carry its message of love, compassion, happiness, truth and togetherness into every aspect of our work. We truly love what we do and invite you to love the experience too. Haux!

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Supporting the Indigenous and Local Communities

We see ourselves giving back to the local community as well as the indigenous communities from which we've learned these principals. We are building a network of people who run or are developing programs to aid in the protection, support, and growth of these communities. 

The major way in which we can support is through opening our doors and expertise to artists and sonic healers who wish to raise awareness and share their gifts through recording at Haux Studios. If that might be you or if you have recommendations, please visit our contact page and get in touch!