Voice Over / ADR recording

Come in for a voice over or ADR session.  With our world class microphones and gear, recording your actor will be a smooth and enjoyable experience. We specialize in commercials and online content as well as films, television and documentaries.  We make the whole process feel easy, and our end results always sound amazing!



MIXING (5.1 Surround and Stereo)

Our 5.1 mixing room is the perfect place to bring all of the elements of your project's audio to its fullest potential. Let's make those final deliverables the absolute best they can be.

Dialogue and Sound FX Editorial

Making things sound perfect is what we live for and we believe this happens long before the mixing stage. We can't wait to use our refined attention to detail to clean up your dialogue, then get creative as we build unique sonic landscapes and FX to bring your project to life!



Let's get crafty and give your sound FX the performance they deserve.